Unioning Love Video

Video presentation: The Flow of Unioning Love, Pat Bergen, CSJ

Synopsis: This two part presentation was given at the 2016 Federation Event in Orlando, FL. Flow is an energy state in which an individual or a group is caught up in, totally taken over by something greater than and beyond themselves. They become totally absorbed in what they are doing, and there seems to be an ease, a “flow”, that requires little conscious thought to perform the action. Sister Pat relates the concept of flow to a divine, cosmic, ongoing unfolding movement of love that connects all creation as one.

Part 1: Moving Always in the Flow of Unioning Love. Sr. Pat discusses viewing religious life as “Movement,” provides a look at our history, and implications for the future.

Part 2: Riding the Wave of the Mission. Sr. Pat connects scientific and organizational research to the mission of unioning love.