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How does Art bring you closer to God?

I always depend on God to be my "co-partner" in art. I often talk to Him about my choice of a subject. When He agrees with me, then the ideas begin, for example. When I took the picture of the baby swan, so helpless, as we are without our Lord, he would drown or swim away from the Mother and be lost. We can never wander away from our Lord. Then he guides me with colors. Blue for tranquility and forgiveness and His sky. Green, for healing and the color of grass. White for protection, the momma swan, the baby knows he is safe, just like we know we are safe if we believe in our Lord.

Is this integral to who you are as a member of the family of Joseph?

I would say that my affiliation with the Sisters of St. Joseph as an associate allows me to feel part of the community.

What else would you like to tell us about your process?

When I was a little girl my Grandma Pearl talked to me many times about God, our Lord and Savior. She said to me, "God gives us many talents and we are to use them to the utmost." I have always wanted to be creative in ways that were spiritual. I have found this is a broad "want" but it works for me. I have repaired many "spiritual art pieces," always thinking of the art piece and its message, and how blessed I was to be asked to restore it. Art to me is a form or prayer, just like a rosary. There are times I need to sit at my counter in the kitchen, where I can see the birds at the feeder and paint a small piece of art that I can finish in one sitting, and it always finds a home. I thank God that I don't "hoard" my little art pieces. He gave to me his talent for me to share.

About Sharon

Sharon Dorland is a parent, an interpreter for the deaf, an artist, plays a lot of golf, practices yoga four times a week and dabbles in many things. She is very involved in her Parish in Fenton, Mich. She lives in an old house on a small private lake, remodeled many times.  At one time it was a “fishing camp” and it sets high on a hill. Sharon attests that the sunsets are awesome.

Sharon’s media are watercolor, acrylics, pencil, Prismacolor pencil, pottery and stained glass. She says that each has its own personality. She loves creating art with stained glass, and has many angels pressed into her sidewalks, using unusual pieces of stained glass.

Sharon worked at a Skill Center and two of the classes were art classes. This is where she became curious about art, and began to follow the assignments of the students. The instructors encouraged her to continue on and she did. One of the instructors told his students, “Always send a message with your art,” and this has been Sharon’s motto. It makes the piece much more interesting, knowing that there is a story hidden somewhere in the painting.

She painted an 8x8 mural in the entrance of her home, which looks like a garden; the mural is the “The Soldiers Garden at Mackinaw Island”. Everyone finds something different in it, which is interesting to Sharon. She belongs to the Fenton Artist’s group (LAVA), and along with the other artists they display their work in various places. She signs her work with “iliil” which means “I love you” in sign Language.


This painting is from a photograph I took here on the lake last year. The Momma swan had her baby on her back, because the "turtles eat them." How sad.coloring book

My reflection is: We all need protection in our life, from what ever is present, real life or in our minds and heart. This allows me to think of the protection we get from Our Lord. It's almost like "Actual Grace" -- we know the protection is there, and when we realize it, it's actual...


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