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September 1 - October 4, 2020

The Season of Creation is a time to renew our relationship with our Creator and all creation through celebration, conversion, and commitment together. During the Season of Creation, we join our sisters and brothers in the ecumenical family in prayer and action for our common home. This year, amid crises that have shaken our world, we’re awakened to the urgent need to heal our relationships with creation and each other. During the season this year, we enter a time of restoration and hope, a jubilee for our Earth, that requires radically new ways of living with creation. The Season of Creation unites the world’s 2.2 billion Christians around one shared purpose. With so much injustice all around us, now is the time for Christians everywhere to come together and show the world how to love each other and creation.

Prayer Journal Eco-Product List

September 1: World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation |1 de Septiembre: Jornada Mondial de Oración por el Cuidado de la Creación | 9月1日:創造の世話のための世界祈りの日

Week 1: Ecological Conversion |Semana 1: Conversión ecológica | 1週目:生態学的変換

Week 2 | Semana 2 | 第2週

How might you help groups engage in ecological conversion? Choose one or more of these activities to do during the week.

  • Observe and note your use of single-use plastic for one day. Consider how you could make different choices.
  • Have a contest with yourself to see if you can go one day without using any single-use plastic.
  • Sign a petition that asks food delivery services to create an “opt in” option for people to receive single-use plastic and paper with their food delivery since most people are eating at home or the office where they have reusable options.
  • Send a letter asking stores to bring back customers’ ability to bring in their own bags and start using refillable bins again.
  • Send a letter to major tea companies about microplastics in their products
  • Find a composting service near you and begin composting in your home or office

Week 3 | Semana 3 | 第3週

Season of Creation International Presentation on Plastics by Dea Wehrli

Social and environmental entrepreneur, Dea Wehrli will speak about her work on the United Nation’s report on Single Use Plastics and the impact they have internationally. During this hour-long presentation and Q&A, Dea will also share her experience working on waste management and circular economies for multiple international organizations, as well as discuss her experience opening Chez Mamie Zurich, a zero-waste retail store. Though the presentation will feature an international scope, it will also have practical ways for people to combat this global crisis in their own communities.

Dea is a social and environmental entrepreneur, currently working at the Swiss Federal Research Institution Empa on the social impact startup E[co]work, a co-working space for informal e-waste dismantlers in India. Dea holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences from ETH Zurich and has worked in topics of waste management and circular economy for the World Economic Forum, UN-IETC, ISWA, and Sofies. Her actions and work strongly reflect her passion and engagement in bringing forward the transition towards a socially and environmentally safe, fair, and healthy resource management.


Week 4 | Semana 4 | 第4週

Week 5 | Semana 5 | 第5週

October 4: Feast of St. Francis of Assisi | 4 de octubre: Fiesta de San Francisco de Asís | 10月4日:アッシジの聖フランシスの饗宴