The Life Long Formation Committee is pleased to present its best practice recommendations from across the Federation for the Initial Formation of Sisters.  This lengthy and detailed distillation provides ... read more

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The United Nations in New York was the venue for the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, July 10-19, 2017.  Marianne Sennick, csj (Brentwood) and Barbara Bozak, csj (Chambé... read more

We live in polarizing times, with opposing world views, rampant stereotyping and little listening to one another. Our times call for deeper conversations and contemplative living. The mission and charism ... read more

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Sr. Mary McGlone, CSJ, is an historical theologian who since 2013 has been writing the history of the Sisters of St Joseph in the United States.  Through her travels and ... read more

It’s time for our quarterly update on the progress of the Organizational Audit with the goal of determining the next steps in the evolution of this 50 year old organization ... read more

At their May meeting, the Leadership Council focused most of their time on the organizational audit, reviewing the work of the regional meetings of leaders and meeting with the auditors. ... read more

The Life Long Formation Committee is in the process of welcoming new members, providing them with orientation, and engaging them in our important work.  However, that isn’t enough ... read more

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In March 2017, several members of the CSJ Justice and Peace International Commission attended the United Nations 2017 Commission on the Status of Women. The theme for the Commission was “Women's ... read more

Whether weeding gardens, feeding chickens or speaking to students, Sister Lyn Szymkiewicz finds God in all of creation.  “There is a rhythm, a language that emanates from Earth. ... read more

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Olga Bonfiglio will become the first Associate to serve on the staff of the International Center in Le Puy.  “I’ve always wanted to live in Europe ... read more

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People often ask if there is a Federation in Latin America like we have in the United States and Canada.  The answer is no but the logic behind it ... read more

Our planet is the most amazing place for life and human race. With the emergence of the concept of state and kingdom, the human communities barricaded itself with political and ... read more

The premises of the United Nations (UN) embodies a world without borders, symbolizing unity and fraternity. Being at UN broadens our horizons and makes us feel that we are ONE ... read more

“The connections between ecology, economics, and racism are key in understanding our charism and ministry as justice coordinators,” said Sr. Mary Ellen Gondeck after returning from a significant ... read more

On January 12, 2017 we last updated you on the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph Organizational Audit.  A lot has happened since then that we want to share. ... read more

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