By Sr. Catherine Barange, Superior General, Lyon Composed of Congregational leaders of Sisters of St. Joseph from Annecy, Argentina, Chambéry, Lyon, and Federations of Canada, United States, Italy ... read more

Carondelet Hospitality Center in Latham, NY, was the venue for the Closing Gathering of the first “CSSJs: Leaders as Leaven” program.  This Federation Leadership Development Program officially ... read more

Over a number of years, the vocation ministers of the US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph have had a presence at two national gatherings of young people. The ... read more


Sr. Justine Reports from the UN, submitted by Sr. Justine Senapati, CSJ Representative at the UN. The Congregations of St. Joseph working with other members of the NGO community presented ... read more

The theme of this year's Assembly, Charism, “Strange Attractor”  Ever-Widening Perspectives for Life in the Universe, takes its name from an article published in the LCWR ... read more

I am writing this reflection on the plane flying home to Miami, and flying high in so many ways after spending a weekend with about 60 of my Sisters of St. ... read more

From November5-7, 2014, leadership from high schools founded by the Sisters of St Joseph gathered in Chicago, Illinois to discuss the charism and learn from each other about practices that ... read more

Founded 100 years before the Sisters of St. Joseph, the Jesuits have played a significant role in our history and the circumstances of their founding years are generally similar to what ... read more

Occasional Snippets of the Stories Surrounding Our Story The Life of Women Religious in the 17th Century While Teresa of Avila(+1582) had initiated the reform of the Carmelites and some ... read more

Occasional Snippets of the Stories Surrounding Our Story (Last week, we heard about the conditions of some of the people who lived in poverty in 17th century France.  Now ... read more

Occasional Snippets of the Stories Surrounding Our Story The Context: FRANCE IN THE MID-SEVENTEENTH CENTURY The General Populace: The Have-Nots The population of France in 1650 is estimated to have been ... read more

One year ago the Federation Leadership Development Program was little more than a dream.  Today it is well on its way to becoming a reality.  The thirty Sisters ... read more

The Moving Forward in Hope: Keys to the Future Workshop, sponsored by the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC), is meant to provide our Family of Joseph, a “conversational tool&... read more

When Sr. Griselda Martinez Morales speaks of her work at the United Nations she has a strong vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph NGO connecting the global St. Joseph ... read more

Convergence is occurring at the global level for the Sisters of St Joseph, as new ways of being and acting as one are emerging and the opportunities for interconnectedness have ... read more

The vision and mission statement formulated at the founding of the International Center of the Sisters of St Joseph in Le Puy, France are still relevant today. As the International ... read more

Nuns on the Bus -- Three incredible weeks of garnering support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)! And a clear sunny June 18th on San Francisco Bay across from Angel Island (... read more

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