Last week we introduced the Cultural Diversity and Conflict Management Program funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. This week our second article will explain the effort made at ... read more

This week we will begin a three web series concerning the Cultural Diversity and Conflict Management Program funded by the Conran N. Hilton Foundation. This week will mark the first ... read more

Religious life is the realm of big questions. That’s part of what drew me to want to be a Sister of Saint Joseph. As I sit with the ... read more

After hearing of the terrorist attacks in Paris, I contacted our sisters in France.  All our sisters are safe.  Here are the messages they have shared.   “... read more

It’s been a week since the Leadership Assembly  met at Latham, NY for their annual meeting.  I was hoping to have someone more official and integral ... read more

There is much to be excited about at the International Center. We continue to meet and exceed a majority of the goals from our strategic plan established three years ago. ... read more

The Leadership Assembly, composed of Leaders from all our congregations, will be meeting in Latham, NY from November 4-8th. The Leadership Assembly is the highest governing authority of the ... read more

The global activities of the Sisters of St Joseph are sheparded by the Global Coordinating Group. They accompany the unfolding and emerging relationships as we seek to coordinate for new ... read more

It was an opportunity to learn and we took it.  How could we maintain the best that the US Federation Novitiate experience has to offer and combine it with ... read more

In the words of Pope Francis at the meeting with the Union of Superiors General on November 29, 2013:  “Religious life ought to promote growth in the Church by way ... read more

It was certainly an unexpected call from God! I grew up in a Catholic family, made my sacraments; however, I was not always a regular churchgoer. In 2003, I was a ... read more

The US Federation Novitiate has moved to Concordia, Kansas.  There has been more than a physical move.  Although many of the classes and the teachers remain the same, ... read more

Six novices opened their time in Concordia Kansas for their canonical novitiate reflecting on a mustard seed and asking ‘what is your yearning that is waiting to be born ... read more

I thought I would write you a note about my adventures in researching our CSSJ history.   Most of all, I have met wonderful sisters!  Some of them ... read more

Two Sisters of St. Joseph from the Baden, PA, community have received notable recognition by an organization that represents Catholic Sisters nationwide. Sister Mary Pellegrino, who serves on the Baden ... read more

            July 16th to 19th Sisters and Associates from 28 congregations and seven countries met in Chicago at St. Xavier University Facilitated by Debbie Asberry (Partner ... read more

Answering Pope Francis’s Call: an American Catholic Response to Modern-Day Slavery was a conference held at Catholic University of America July 9-10, 2015.  Sponsored by the U.S. ... read more

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