The 2019-2020 U.S. Federation novitiate officially opened earlier this month, welcoming five new novices. Our novices come from across the United States: Sisters Rachel Carey (Rochester), Kristina DeNeve (Carondelet-St. Louis), Trish Doan (Orange), Leila Sullivan (Springfield), and Tracy Watson (Carondelet-Albany).

Federation Novices (Left to Right) Leila Sullivan, Kristina DeNeve, Trish Doan, Tracy Watson, and Rachel Carey.

We recently had a story up on our website about the novitiate opening, which you can view here. But in order to give you a chance to get to know the novices a little bit better, we have a new video available. They answer everything from what they’re currently reading to what show they last binge-watched to why they joined the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Check out the video below (or view the video on Youtube) and get to know our five new novices better:


Please keep our novices in your thoughts and prayers as they embark on this new journey in Rochester.