8.Haiti2016For thirteen years, Change for Global Change has been making us all more aware of the precious gift of life and the plight of those who lack the basic necessities, especially potable water. The Campaign is a holistic and fun way to introduce young students — and the not-so-young! — to the messages of Laudato Si and environmental sustainability.

We help by: 

  • Raising awareness of sustainability issues that affect the lives of every person on our planet
  • Collecting donations so that joining together in a neighbor-to-neighbor effort, we can make a difference in the lives of our sisters and brothers in need.
  • Funding sustainability projects like drilling wells for clean water, planting trees, creating community gardens and environmental education. With a volunteer board and contributed services, we are able to give nearly 100% in grant awards.

This project is run by sisters and associates of Saint Joseph who collect change throughout the Easter season to effect sustainable change. Since 2006, Change for Global Change has been able to fund clean water and sustainability projects in 15 countries where Sisters of Saint Joseph and/or Associates are serving our dear neighbors in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The needs of the people whom Sisters of St Joseph minister to in these parts of the world are immense, and we want to be able to fund every worthy grant application we receive.

Our annual Change for Global Change Campaign begins at Eastertime precisely because of its rich symbolism of New Life and Living Water. Thousands of our "dear neighbors" around the world have been given hope for a more sustainable life through grants provided by our fund-, friend- and awareness-raising endeavors each year. We, the Board of Directors for this unique project and mission, are so grateful for the support of our sisters, associates, and partners in mission!

To all who have contributed in the past, we thank you and ask your continued generosity. To all who are just getting acquainted or reacquainted with us, please consider a donation this year. What an amazing campaign this will be if every Sister and Associate would:

  1. Take time to look at our materials that tell the story of Change for Global Change and consider donating this year.
  2. Share the information with family and friends.
    There are many prospective donors out there who don’t know us or the severity of need in the "Global Joseph Family."

Change for Global Change is as much about education as it is about action. To help spread the word about global needs we continue to add new resources to our website www.changeforglobalchange.org and our Facebook page. You can download printable brochures, prayer cards, container wraps, gift, and memorial recognition cards. You can also donate via our website. Many of these resources are also available on the Federation website by clicking here and scrolling to "Change for Global Change." 

Our Board of Directors is here to serve you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call Sister Dot at (609) 741-5251 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.