Breaks are always welcome from the challenges of meeting in multiple languages.

By: Sr. Patty Johnson

At its' September meeting, the International Center Board was warmly greeted by the staff, Eluiza Andrade-Silva (Chambery- Brazil) and Olga Bonfiglio (Congregation of St Joseph Associate).

This was another year of programming success. The numbers of pilgrims, visitors, and program participants exceeded our goals and ensured another year of a balanced budget. We were successful in achieving the goals of our strategic plan. An increased social media presence is resulting in increased interest in our Facebook page, blog, and the International Center website.

Olga (left) and Eluiza (right) present information to the board about the International Center.We are confident that it is now time to add back the third staff person for 2020. We need a staff person who is fluent in French. Any sister or associate interested in this position is encouraged to contact the Federation Office.

New programs are being developed for 2019-2020. This may include a program for archivists who have not received professional training; a program for current elected leaders of congregations and provinces; a program that will go into greater depth about the material presented in our scenography at the Center for Living History in Le Puy; and an international program for sisters preparing for final vows. Many of our current successful programs, including pilgrimages, will continue to be offered.

The optimism of our current situation has been very exciting. Due to the successful meeting of benchmarks on our strategic plan, the current plan is being updated and extended to 2025.

[Sr. Patty Johnson is the Executive Director of the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph]

Srs. Mary Louis and Nadia meet with the International Center about plans for the Center for Living History.

Srs. Maria Goretti Leda and Barbara Bozak.