breeze logoOnce the Leadership Assembly made its decision to expand membership in the US Federation of Sisters of St Joseph to include agrégées, associates, partners in mission, the St Joseph Worker Community, and others who share the charism, we knew we would need a more robust and versatile database. After searching through commercial products we stumbled upon products designed specifically for small to medium sized churches. We took a couple for a test drive and decided that Breeze was the one that would provide us with what we needed.

In preparation for the Breeze system being available for use to those who are registered in it, we held four video conferences in April for the communications staff and information technology staff from member congregations. We gave them a guided tour of how Breeze works and the advantages that it will offer to our constituents in the Federation.

We are grateful to those who participated in our tests in March and April. They helped us in refining our message to people as they join as well trouble shoot any problems we might encounter with firewalls in member congregations information technology networks. We have successfully entered the Leadership Council, all congregations’ directors of programs, the CSSJ Collaborative of Sisters 65 and under, Erie sisters, associates, and agrégées, Concordia sisters, associates, and agrégées, and Brentwood sisters and associates. Having tested this product with 1,565 people, we are confident that those in our system will find it easy to enroll in and use.

On May 1, all those who currently receive our E-News or whose congregations have provided us with email addresses were invited to join Breeze. They received an invitation and instructions on how to use Breeze.

For those congregations who prefer to let individuals opt into the system, in June we will send congregations, provinces, and sectors a link which they can share that will allow people to register.

In August we hope to provide training to specifically identified people in each congregation who will be given limited administrative rights for people affiliated with their congregations to add new people, make edits, or delete people from the system.

This new system will enable us to connect with each other in ways previously unimaginable. It truly is a brand new day.