Following up on the directions set at the 2017 Leadership Assembly, the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph has developed a new method for taking corporate stands on issues of justice that increases our ability to respond quickly to the significant social issues of our times. This new procedure also strengthens our relations with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) assisting them in getting more timely responses on the ground for concerns that they are addressing.

Using the statements and resolutions to action issued by LCWR as its base, each month a different congregation or province team of a justice coordinator and communicator will take the lead on crafting a US Federation message that will be released by the US Federation, usually within 72 hours of the LCWR statements.

Within that week congregations, provinces and sectors will receive materials that can support them in responding to the call to action in their geographic community. For some statements a core letter to the editor or op-ed piece that can be tailored to a geographic area may be developed for sisters and congregations to submit to their newspapers. Sometimes a panel of experts on the subject may conduct a pod-cast available through the US Federation YouTube account. Actions taken by congregations will be publicized on the Federation website, Facebook and Twitter.

Together we will see the power of our 16 congregations in the US acting together on issues for which our charism impels us to act.