breeze logoOn January 3-5, the Leadership Council for the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph met to continue with their follow-up plans to implement the historic decisions made at the 2017 Leadership Assembly. Throughout the past month, we have been sharing the outcomes of that meeting with you. This is the last installment of these updates. Click here to read about the 2017 decisions for “A Bold New Future” that are now being implemented

Introducing Breeze

As our membership expands, so must our sophistication in providing services out of the Federation Office. We have entered a leasing arrangement for a web-based software system called Breeze. Breeze offers simple, intuitive ways for us to handle most Federation business online, allowing members to update their contact information and register for meetings, and groups to communicate and organize.

We will be able to send all Federation communications out through Breeze, including E-News, program and job announcements, targeted reminders about meetings to specific groups, links to registration for programs and much more. No longer will congregations have to update individuals’ contact information. Once you are in the system, you can go in and change your email or mailing address, add your phone numbers, share information about yourself, or even add a profile picture. We will have an online picture directory so that members can “put a face with a name.” This intuitive system has been customized to meet the needs of the US Federation.

We have barely begun to tap all the ways Breeze can help us facilitate communication. If your interest group, sharing of the heart group, or committee imagines a communication need, let us know. Perhaps Breeze can help.

Communications Committee

To further help us improve our communication, the Leadership Council has invited four full-time communicators, Jenny Beatrice, Stephanie Hall, Mary Parks, and Robert Cogswell, from our member congregations to make recommendations to us. They are surveying leaders and communicators from our member congregations to get feedback on what communications members need and want and how communications might improve. The committee will interpret the results of this survey and make recommendations that can serve as the basis for a new communications plan.