Srs. Mary Ann Mayer and Mary Elizabeth NelsenOn January 3-5, the Leadership Council for the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph met to continue with their follow-up plans to implement the historic decisions made at the 2017 Leadership Assembly. Throughout the month, we are sharing the outcomes of that meeting with you. Click here to read about the 2017 decisions for “A Bold New Future” that are now being implemented


Interest Groups

The need to define the role and name of Federation interest groups was identified in our Annual Report and discussed at the recent Leadership Assembly. Based on the input we received, the Leadership Council appointed a subcommittee to engage with representatives of interest groups and determine a path forward for their participation. They will develop a recommendation for how interest groups might be renamed and clarify their purposes.  The committee includes Peggy Sullivan (Boston, co-chair of the Leadership Council), Mary Ann Mayer (Rochester, member of the Leadership Council), Rita Woehlcke (Philadelphia, Associate Directors Interest Group), Michelle Lesher (Philadelphia, Vocation and Initial Formation Directors Interest Group), Maria Elena Perales (Orange, JPIC Directors Interest Group), and Diane Couture (St Augustine, Artists Interest Group).

Srs Peggy Sullivan Michele Bieter and Miriam UkeritisCorporate Voice Statements

We established a new procedure for issuing Corporate Statements on behalf of the Federation. The Leadership Council feels strongly that it is an appropriate role for the US Federation to continue raising a voice on justice issues, but our current process is cumbersome and does not allow for timely response to current concerns.

Noting that LCWR’s Resolutions to Action and Public Statements are always well researched and grounded in our religious faith tradition, the council agreed to use the core of LCWR statements in our own (with appropriate acknowledgements). The US Federation office will collaborate with justice, peace and integrity with creation (JPIC) and communications staff from our member congregations and provinces to issue timely statements with an opening paragraph that includes a CSSJ-charism-specific statement and an acknowledgement that the US Federation stands with religious communities across the country on a given issue. Statements will be distributed immediately to all of our congregations, provinces, and sectors for their use and action by elected leaders, communicators, and JPIC staff.