On January 3-5, the Leadership Council for the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph met to continue with their follow-up plans to implement the historic decisions made at the 2017 Leadership Assembly. Throughout the next month, we will be sharing the outcomes of that meeting with you. Click here to read about the 2017 decisions for “A Bold New Future” that are now being implemented

Srs. Eileen McCann Cecelia Magladry and Joan Gallagher are the search committee for younger board membersCommittees

The Council appointed five committees whose membership reflects the broad spectrum of members and new potential members, including agrégées, associates, partners in mission, St. Joseph Workers, and other relationships described by member congregations from across the US Federation. These committees will make recommendations on five topics:

  • Communications Committee: What types of communications do members want?
  • Dues Structure Committee: Will be the dues structure for potential new members?
  • Membership Expansion Committee: How can membership be expanded to include those mentioned above?
  • Potential Services to Member Congregations Committee: How do elected leaders imagine the Federation might assist member congregations and provinces?
  • Reserved Powers Committee: What reserved powers will elected leaders maintain over US Federation governance?

The Leadership Council decided to delay appointing the Roles and Responsibilities Committee until they receive the recommendations from the Reserved Powers and Expanded Membership committees. The Roles and Responsibilities Committee will work very closely with the Leadership Council to make recommendations for future governance and operational functioning of the US Federation.

Leadership Council Composition

The current Leadership Council will incrementally appoint the new Leadership Council while they develop processes for the federation membership to elect council members. The council will now consist of twelve members, but with a more diverse composition to reflect our newly expanded membership:

  • Four elected leaders of member congregations,
  • Two sisters chosen from the youngest 7% of vowed membership,
  • Three representatives from Federation committees or interest groups,
  • Three members who are lay partners, associates, agrégées or St. Joseph Workers,
  • and the non-voting treasurer and appropriate staff. 

The two sisters from the youngest 7% will be our first Leadership Council appointments. A sub-committee of the current Leadership Council (consisting of Joan Gallagher, Cecilia Magladry, Mary Elizabeth Nelsen, and Eileen McCann) will develop a nominations list from among those youngest sisters for consideration by the Leadership Council at its March meeting. They will consider those who have been involved and supportive of the Federation and who are able to devote the time to the Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council also developed a plan to replace those elected leaders who are finishing their terms this year. This will allow them to stagger terms over the next two to three transition years prior to moving to a new format for elections.