Spirits on Fire, the year-long formation program for CSSJ lay leaders, has completed its first cohort! Cohort 2 is in process and plans are underway for Cohort 3.  In each cohort, approximately 30 leaders from sponsored and congregational ministries from across the country, gather to grow deeper into the CSSJ mission, charism and tradition. Each community of leaders embraces the program outcomes:  I can recognize the charism in myself; I can articulate it; I can act and lead out of it; I can recognize and name its presence and absence; and I can call it forth in others.

One participant commented that, “Spirits on Fire provides lay leaders the opportunity to give dedicated time to better learning and understanding about the mission and charism. It also provides a wonderful network of resources in other congregations and areas that provide valuable support and growth opportunities”

Cohort 3 will begin in July 2018 and conclude in June 2019. Some openings are still available. Please click here to view several one-minute testimonials of leaders who have completed the program.  Click here to view the website.