The Leadership Collaborative Board and Staff met in Baltimore in DecemberIn recent years many congregations of women religious began to offer leadership development programs for their newer and younger members. The US Federation implemented the Leaders as Leaven Program for their member congregations which some of our sisters took part in as a participant or mentor.

In order to share best practices and not to duplicate program congregations from many different charisms came together and formed the Leadership Collaborative. The Leadership Collaborative is a working group of women’s religious congregations and organizations committed to developing the capacity for transformational leadership among the younger generation of women religious and their associates now and into the future.  The Board of the Leadership Collaborative (Sisters Patty Johnson, US Federation Executive Director and Joan Gallagher, Brentwood Leadership Team) ensures that the organization acts with integrity regarding its mission and engages in contemplative dialogue and other collaborative processes to:

  • explore emerging models of leadership
  • identify the knowledge, skills, practices, and relationships needed to bring about individual, Church, and global transformation
  • provide a sounding board and resources for leadership development programs
  • serve as a resource to women’s religious congregations
  • foster the capacities for transformational leadership with attention given to the next generation of leaders.

Sr. Charlene DiorkaOver the past year the Leadership Collaborative Board has employed an Executive Director, a new Program Director (Sr. Charlene Diorka, SSJ, Philadelphia)  and Graduate Program Director to assist carrying out its mission. The Hilton and GHR Foundations have provided generous grants to establish the Collaborative and its programs. As a result sisters are expanding their relationships across congregations and cultures.

At a recent meeting of the Leadership Collaborative Board and staff, the group finalized plans for the governance of the collaborative.  They also reviewed plans for how the organization will continue to serve those participating in or who have completed leadership development programs, how it will continue to incorporate the intercultural realities of US religious life into its work and programs, and how it might collaborate with entities in other countries also interested in the leadership development of young religious.Anne Marie Sanders Sandy Prucha and Joan Gallagher at recent board meeting

Leadership Teams of religious congregations are encouraged to take advantage of the offerings of the Leadership Collaborative for their members and associates who are 60 years and younger. Click here to read the brochure for the upcoming class.  Click here to learn more and request more information.