On June 10, 2016 we announced the beginning of an organizational audit for the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph. We asked our sisters, associates, agrégées, partners in mission and others who share the charism for their input to help imagine our future together. After many surveys, focus groups, written reports, and recommendations, the Leadership Assembly composed of elected leaders of member congregations came together in November to make decisions and propose next steps.

Sr. Maureen Erdlen shares the Financial Projection Study highlights

Over the next few weeks we will share the significant bold steps for the future that have been decided and the processes that will lead to implementation.

  1. Expanding Membership
  2. A New Way of Governing
  3. Finances and Staffing

A bold new future needs a staffing plan that can make it happen. The Leadership Assembly outlined the framework for a plan that will get us there.


Of course, hiring staff requires salaries, and the assembly approved financial decisions that will aid the US Federation in having the funds it needs for the present and the future. They were cautioned by the recommendations from the organizational audit’s Financial Projection Study, which clearly stated:

“The importance of our Mission requires that the leadership of the Federation make wise decisions regarding our structure and capabilities going forward. If the Federation chooses to do more and be more for the member congregations, sound financial planning must be a part of that process. Options for additional sources of revenue need to be researched in order to make realistic projections and plan for services and programs.”The Reid Group our organizational auditors share their findings and recommendations

Beginning in 2018, the US Federation will seek grants that can be used to supplement programming and operations. They will continue to use the rolling five-year average investment earning, and consider how user fees can be applied to requests for expanded services and programs. Each congregation or province will pay dues based on its number of vowed members. Additionally, the previously mentioned working group recommending a dues structure will be proposing annual fees for both individuals and institutions.

We will prioritize providing just salaries to all full-time Federation employees as soon as possible, along with a total compensation package that includes medical and retirement benefits.


The Leadership Council will make recommendations to the Leadership Assembly that will be reflected in the budget for staffing increases over the next five years, as we are able to afford them. This was based on the recommendations of the Reid Group, our organizational auditors, who proposed that an expanded Federation staff include co-directors, a communications specialist, a program specialist and other administrative staff (finance, human resources). The Leadership Council will explore the possibility of adding a communications position in the 2018-2019 budget as the first staff expansion.



In early January, the Leadership Council will begin working on a draft plan to implement the decisions of the Leadership Assembly and appoint follow-up committees. We will update you on that meeting in January.