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Following a yearlong series of consultations and committee work, the Leadership Assembly affirmed the following statements at its 2017 Leadership Assembly.

Mission:  The US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph embraces the Gospel Charism of unifying love for the healing and transformation of the world.

Values: The US Federation is grounded in the following values:

  • Love of God and neighbor without distinction, from whom we do not separate ourselves
  • Prayer, contemplation and discernment that lead to courageous action
  • Responsiveness to the needs of the world and oneness with creation
  • Unity forged through respect, appreciation of diversity and collaboration

20171109 111906Vision:  As Members of the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, we respond to the movement of the Spirit to keep the flame of the charism alive.  We embrace an all-inclusive and self-emptying love that nurtures unity among ourselves and the “dear neighbor” without distinction.  Imbued with our rich heritage and attentive to the evolving needs of the world, we proclaim the Gospel message of unifying love thereby becoming a transforming and healing presence in the world.  With the vision, “that all may be one, (John 17:21)” members of the Federation deepen mutually sustaining and life giving relationships.

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A draft statement was crafted by the Mission, Values and Vision Working Group, discussed at congregational and regional levels, and then revised by the Synthesis Committee as part of the organizational audit. Final discussion and editing occurred at the Leadership Assembly.  This statement will provide a powerful message to the US Federation as it continues to reflect on the work generated through the organizational audit and move forward in defining actions for the future.


Until the end of the calendar year through videos and website stories we shall endeavor  to describe the decisions made, directions set, and activities still needing additional action by the Leadership Assembly.