It was a cold day warmed by each others presenceAlbany, N.Y. - On November 8, 2017 at 3:00 p.m., prior to the start of their annual Leadership Assembly, Sisters of St. Joseph, friends and associates from across the United States gathered at West Capital Park, Albany, NY in a gesture of solidarity for all that is happening in our world today.  This witness was linked to the ritual begun in Cleveland, July, 2017 by the Congregation of St. Joseph, known as Circle the City with Love. The mission of Circle the City with Love is to stand together holding hands in silence embodying the power of LOVE that brings healing, peace, and justice to our world.There was a felt unity

Sr. Joan Gallagher who spearheaded this event with Sr. Doreen Glynn said, “As the Sisters of St. Joseph come together for this year’s Leadership Assembly, the aftermath of the recent hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, threats of war and mass shootings cry out for reconciling love. We stand at the threshold of a new era for our planet, and our time is calling us to respond as the unifying force that is inherent in all human beings; a time that will require courage, resilience and faith. At the start of this new era we need to join together as one, grounded in our faith traditions that help us process our grief, our anger and our fear, and equip us with the hope and strength that will sustain us as we bear witness to the needs of the world and its people. It is important for us to be united with others and join in prayer and action for our planet, for good jobs in a clean energy economy and for the protection of vulnerable communities.”Those present joined in prayer

For 20 minutes those present joined hands and prayed.  Sr. Angela Faustina noted, “Nobody knows what difference real silence and centering for peace can produce.”  Sr. Theresa LaMetterey said, “I was feeling the unity of our circle and thinking if unity is not in you first, you can’t share it.  That desire to be peace and love in the world is powerful.”  Sr. Michelle Lesher offered, “I was drawn in by the prayer and contemplation, rooted on the ground we stood on and by those next to me.”  Sr. Mary Ann Mayer shared, “I experienced a sense of peace, the weather, blue sky, green grass and barren trees, the touch of the person next to me put my heart at peace.  Singing birds were almost magical.”  Sr. Cecelia Magladry said, “It was a profound act of solidarity with all of our communities and those we were praying for and reaching out to touch.”

The group piled back into the bus and made their way back to the Latham Hospitality Center having joined their wish for peace and unioning love with all those in Albany and around the world.