Another year’s worth of work on the organizational audit is just about complete as we move into the first level of decision-making for our organizational audit.  At the Leadership Assembly, held in November, elected leaders from each congregation will come together to make important decisions.

A draft Mission, Values, and Vision statement pulled together and recommended by the Synthesis Group has been widely vetted by congregations.  It will come up for consideration and finalization at the Leadership Assembly.

Building on the work of the Synthesis Group, the Structures Group is recommending revised purpose statements.  They describe these statements as more focused than the Mission, Vision, and Values but not quite an action plan.  Consideration of these at the Leadership Assembly will be helpful in determining our road map forward.  They also propose new ways for the Federation to structure itself. This includes recommendations for expanding membership to include agrégées, associates, and partners in mission in new ways, and changing the composition of the Leadership Council, who function somewhat as the Board of Directors for the US Federation. 

The Annual Report contains a variety of reflections and recommendations for how the US Federation can move into the future from Interest Groups, younger members and a group who spreads the charism among sponsored institutions.  It also contains reports on our international projects.

Lastly, the Reid Group, our organizational auditors have 14 recommendations for consideration, some of which overlap that which is also recommended in the other reports and some of which is from their perspective as outsiders looking in.  The Reid Group from the beginning has challenged us to be 10 times bolder. 

There’s lots to read and many challenges as the Leadership Assembly tries to determine high level strategies to spread the charism into the future in a manner that is affordable and fiscally responsible.