Make sure you visit the web site ( to see a new feature that was launched on July 1. On the navigation menu that runs across the top of the home page you will see a “Resources” tab. Clicking on that tab will take you to a page that allows you to browse resources that fall into one of three categories.

The Spirituality page contains a collection of documents and videos that relate to CSSJ charism and spirituality, based on founding documents. Another page contains links to numerous documents and transcripts of presentations that are hosted in the U.S. Federation Digital Archives. The archives site itself contains many other resources, mainly correspondence, so we have combed through the archives and pulled out the resources we think might be of the greatest interest to members and others interested in knowing more about the Sisters of St. Joseph. All of these sections are “works in progress,” but perhaps none more so than the remaining two sections: Prayer Resources and Ministry. The Prayer Resources page is designed to allow users to explore resources for individual and communal prayer, and for the sharing of such resources that reside within different congregations. The Ministry section allows users to explore the varying ways our sisters, associates, agrégées, and partners in mission live out the apostolate of unioning love.

Congregations are encouraged to send shareable materials in any of these categories to the Federation office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sandy Yost, CSJ (Baden) has been working on contract with the U.S. Federation office since October 2016. She has done the initial work on this new Resources section, and hopes that this section will continue to grow and evolve with the contributions of member congregations.