Here is the Synthesis Group meeting by video conferenceIt’s time for our quarterly update on the progress of the Organizational Audit with the goal of determining the next steps in the evolution of this 50 year old organization we call the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph.  Our first three committees have completed their work.  A process to gather information on a draft mission, values, and vision statement was completed.  Next steps for finalizing the mission, values, and vision that will lead us into the future are being prepared.

The synthesis group reviewed over 150 pages of materials that were gathered from interviews, surveys, focus groups, and work sessions to prepare a report that synthesized this down to a meaningful and workable size. 

They have passed the torch on to the structures committee which will spend the summer developing creative models that will assist us in identifying workable structures to achieve our preferred and sustainable future.  The structures committee has received input from the Interest Groups on potential structures for the future.

Meanwhile, the financial projection study group is working with a report on our investments from Christian Brothers, our income and expenses for the last 5 years, an updated Trends report and our demographics.  Once the structures committee submits their recommendations, this group will do a cost analysis to predict what it might cost for each proposed model and how it might be funded.

Lastly, the vitality study was completed by each congregation and is being analyzed by a committee to identify helpful trends, meaningful similarities, and interesting outliers to assist us in future planning.

At its September meeting the Leadership Council, which functions as the Board of Directors for the US Federation, will review all this data and prepare a contemplative dialogue process about our future for the Leadership Assembly.

This organizational audit was begun in May 2016.  Over this period many sisters, partners in ministry, associates, agrégées, and friends have provided meaningful input to this process.  We are very grateful for your sharing of wisdom with us.  We are also grateful to those who have served on committees (25 sisters from 14 congregations or provinces) to move this process forward.  It has been a mammoth undertaking but by November we will have a comprehensive view of the US Federation which will serve us well as we move to further reflection and decision-making.