Sr. Michelle Beicher and Sr. Eileen McCannAt their May meeting, the Leadership Council focused most of their time on the organizational audit, reviewing the work of the regional meetings of leaders and meeting with the auditors. They met in early May in Rochester, New York which will be the home of the US Federation Novitiate from August 2018 through June 20121.  While there the site of the new novitiate was confirmed and plans for preparing the house are underway.  They received updates on the US History project, the work of the Life Long Formation Committee, the Finance Committee, and Interest Group updates.  As always, they have one fun evening out. 

Srs. Theresa Kvale Joan Gallagher and Clare Marie Beichner enjoy a lighter momentEach region was asked to gather further input from their members on the draft Mission, Values and vision statements for the organizational audit. At their regional meetings they met with the organizational auditors to see if further refinements were warranted.  Each group prepared suggestions which have been forwarded to the Synthesis Committee to be factored in to their final report.  If all stays on schedule, the Synthesis report, which is essentially an executive summary of the information gathered over the last year for the organizational audit with recommendations, will be sent to the Leadership Council by June 15.  The Leadership Council hopes to release this report to the congregations by July 5 and offer a copy through the E-News on July 7.

The US History Project continues to move forward.  Author, Sr. Mary McGlone, hopes to have Volume 1 prepared for publication this July at which time we will begin taking pre-orders.  Volume 1 will cover the founding of each congregation.  The average reader will really be surprised by things they did not know.

Peggy and Eileen with our host and owner of McCanns Local MeatsThe Life Long Formation Committee continues to progress on their various projects.  The Handbook for Initial Formation for Sisters will be available following a review by an ethicist and theologian, perhaps in late June or early July.  A second draft of the “Living into Our Commitment”, the ongoing formation handbook will be available no later than fall.  We want to greatly thank all who provided input.  The process to ratify the proposed new section on Ongoing Formation for the Unified Vision of Life Long Formation has begun with the Leadership Assembly.

The Finance Committee recommended that the budget for 2017-2018 be forwarded to the Leadership Assembly for approval.  The Leadership Council agreed with this recommendation and has done so.  They have also forwarded the name of a nominee to be Treasurer for the US Federation and appointed two sisters to the Finance Committee.  We are greatly thankful to Sisters Maureen Erdlin and Mary Bernadette McNulty for their willingness to serve.  They also prepared an amendment to the by-laws which allows for non-Leadership Assembly members to serve on this committee which has also been forwarded for a vote.

McCanns Local Meats

Each interest group has a liaison with the Leadership Council who regularly reports to the Leadership Council on their activities.  These groups continue to find ways to collaborate.

Lastly, we always find a way to have fun together.  It turns out that a relative of Sr. Eileen McCann owns a meat market and restaurant in Rochester.  Her family hosted us to a fun evening together at McCann’s Local Meats.  It serves wonderful barbecue and excellent crafted beers among many other menu items.

Although much communication occurs by email between meetings, the next meeting of the Leadership Council won’t occur until September.