On January 12, 2017 we last updated you on the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph Organizational Audit.  A lot has happened since then that we want to share.

The Leadership Council received recommendations from the three small committees that it had formed.  They have accepted these recommendations and formulated an action plan to implement them.

The Vitality Small Group prepared a survey to gather confidential information from leaders of congregations and provinces which will be collated and shared among the members of the Leadership Assembly prior to their next meeting in November 2017.  Combined and analyzed with the demographics of the sisters of each congregation or province who are members, this will provide a realistic assessment of our preparation for the future and areas where collaboration among members may be helpful.  Each leadership team is asked to complete this survey by May 1 and return it to the Federation Office.

Leaders will also be asked to engage their congregation or province in a consultation regarding the proposed changes to the current Preamble and Purpose Statements of the Federation.  They will be looking at possible Mission, Values, Vision Statements which will replace the Preamble and Purpose Statements.  Different congregations and provinces may be using different methodologies to gather input.  They will then come together at regional leaders meeting to discuss what they have heard and make final suggestions for moving the statements forward. 

These new Mission, Values, and Vision statements once ratified will be prominently displayed on our website and be used in the development of a new logo.  However, more importantly, they will be gathered together with all of the input that has been gathered for the organizational audit to prepare us for the final step which is to determine what the right structures to achieve the hopes and dreams of the members might be. 

As mentioned earlier, small groups will be working on possible structures.  Leaders will receive these possible structures after they are reviewed by the Leadership Council in September and again be asked to represent the best thinking of their congregations at the Leadership Assembly in early November.  The November meeting will bring the organizational audit to close with a renewed mission, a strong sense of direction for the future, and a new organizational structure to grow into.