Together we embrace
the neighborhoods of our time
not asking for the rhyme or reason
to solve the riddles of misery
but asking for the wisdom and grace
to create anew.
We desire to plant seeds of peace
share words of compassion
and reach out hands of friendship
in a touch of healing.
Together we make a difference:
one choice at a time
one voice at a time
and prayer all the time.

by Mary Catherine Walton SSJ

 Download Prayer in your Language of Choice




To view and print a prayer card please follow these instructions.  

To print a pdf, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To get Adobe Reader, which is free and safe, click here:  and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the program on your computer.

Recommended paper: 65# (or heavier) card stock white.

1. Click on the image that corresponds with the correct language you would like.

2. Click on the printer icon that appears in the window.

3. In the smaller window that pops up after clicking on the printer icon select the printer you would like to use.

4. This is a two-sided document, but you can only print one side at a time on most printers. In the Pages to Print field, select the radio button labeled Pages and then type in 1. (You are only printing Page 1 at this point.)

5. To print the other side, put the already-printed side face up in your printer's paper feeder.

 In the Pages to Print field, select select the radio button labeled Pages and then type in 2. (You are only printing Page 2 at this point.)

8. Let it sit for about 15 minutes to minimize the chances of smearing.

9. Cut the cards apart.