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About Us

Federation Organizational Structure

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE The Federation is governed by the Leadership Assembly which is composed of the Leadership Teams of all the Congregations. This group meets annually in November for direction setting and corporate responsibilities. The Leadership Council is the elected leadership team of the Federation. It is made up of 10 members plus the Executive Director and the Treasurer. This group meets several times a year to forward the purpose and direction of the Federation, plan the annual meeting, and carry on business. Co- chairs provide leadership and relate between meetings with the Executive Director.

  • Eileen McCann, CSJ, Albany, Co-chair
  • Joan Gallagher, Brentwood, Co-Chair 
  • Michele Beiter, SSJ, Buffalo
  • Mary Elizabeth Nelsen, CSJ, Los Angeles
  • Miriam Ukeritis, CSJ, Carondelet
  • Clare Marie Beichner, SSJ, Erie
  • Mary Ann Mayer, SSJ, Rochester
  • Marie Hogan, CSJ, Congregation of St. Joseph
  • Kathy Carr, SSJ, St Augustine
  • Anne LeTourneau, Congregation of St. Joseph
  • Charlene Diorka, SSJ, Philadelphia
  • Cecilia Magladry, CSJ, Orange
  • Kari Pohl, CSJ, Baden
  • Lee Hogan, CSJ, Boston, Treasurer
  • Maryellen Kane, CSJ, Brentwood, Executive Director

The Finance Committee serves the Leadership Assembly in the management of the operating budget and investments. It meets 2 - 3 time annually with the Treasurer to monitor finances, oversee investments, develop budgets, prepare finance reports for the Leadership Assembly.

Other Leadership Assembly Committees serve as needed.

The Regions are now a part of the formal governance structure. Business and information can flow between the regions, the Leadership Council, Executive Director, etc. Currently there are four Regions:

  • The Atlantic Coast (Boston, Brentwood, Philadelphia, Springfield, St. Augustine, West Hartford, and Winslow)
  • The Lakes (Albany, Baden, Buffalo, Erie, Rochester, and Watertown)
  • Heartland (Carondelet Center, Concordia, Congregation of St. Joseph, St. Louis and St. Paul)
  • The Pacific Rim (Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Orange)

The Central Staff includes:

  • Executive Director Maryellen Kane, CSJ (Brentwood)
  • Associate Director Kristen Whitney Daniels
  • Justice and Outreach Coordinator Julia Morris (St. Joseph Worker Program-NY)
  • Treasurer Lee Hogan, CSJ (Boston)

The Federation sponsors several Projects. These are collaborative efforts, which involve substantial commitment of time on the part of project staff. Current projects include :

  • Canonical Novitiate Program - Michelle Lesher (Philadelphia) is the Director, Jeanne Marie Gocha (Carondelet-Albany) is the Assistant Director

International Centre

This is collaboration among the worldwide federations and congregations of St. Joseph. The International Centre is a center for promotion of the charism and mission, international in focus and experience, located in LePuy, France Much of the work of the Federation is carried on by Committees which are established by the Leadership Assembly/Council to promote the goals and purposes of the Federation. Membership includes sisters, associates, staff colleagues, and the meetings are hosted by congregations/provinces around the country. Some committees plan and run programs; others carry out specific tasks for us all. Committees and Programs:

  • Canonical Novitiate Program (annual)
  • Vocation/Formation Personnel Program (bi-annual)Lifelong Formation
  • Global Coordinating Group
  • The writing of the US history of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

Interest Groups are self-initiated and sustained. They link persons from the various communities around similar interests, ministries, etc. Current Interest Groups include :

  • Vocation/Formation
  • Treasurers
  • Development Personnel
  • Communications Personnel
  • Justice and Peace Personnel
  • Artists
  • Associate Directors

Associates Though they are not members, Associates are closely connected to the Federation by virtue of their relationships to their congregations/provinces. They participate in Federation programs and serve on committees as appropriate. They run their own Associates Event periodically.

Finances The Federation is supported by:

  • Membership Dues
  • Gifts
  • Investment Income
  • Gifts in Kind: office space and support, hospitality, personnel, service, expertise, etc.

Legal Status

  • The Federation is a Civil Corporation, incorporated in Missouri and a Canonical Juridic Person.

We relate to the Canadian, French, and Italian Federations. There are Sisters of Saint Joseph in over 53 countries.