The Compassionate ConnectionAt the beginning of September 2018, the Novices were asked to read "The Compassion Connection: Recovering Our Original Oneness" by Sister of St. Joseph Sr. Cathy Nerney (Chestnut Hill). Sr. Cathy's new book is hot off the presses — it was released in August 23, 2018. While the book will be used throughout the year, Part 3 of the book is what our novices will be concentrating on at this time.

We're asking our sisters throughout the Federation to please "Read Along with our Novices" and share their insights below utilizing the comments section. Feel free to share how this reading has touched you or how you plan to implement it or how this relates to your own lived experience or whatever else you feel called to share with our novices.

The book can be found on its publisher's website Orbis Books, or Amazon and Barnes and Noble.